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Welcome to Timeshare Calendar Your Gateway to Everything Timeshare!

Use this site to find your timeshare week and plan your next vacation! In addition, TimeshareCalendar.com is your solution for a reliable and dedicated timeshare reseller. You can buy timeshare and rent timeshare with Timeshare Calendar as well as sell timeshare and rent out timeshares with ease.

This website is an online timeshare resales portal designed specifically for your use. Finding a safe and trustworthy place to conduct all your timeshare business online is not always an easy task, but here you can search through thousands of timeshares for sale and timeshares for rent and feel confident that you will be working with a proven and legitimate timeshare reseller.

Along with helping people find their dream vacation property we also specialize in selling timeshares for our clients. You have the opportunity to work with professionals and get it done right, the first time! The selling process is not always quick and hassle-free with some resellers out there. However, Timeshare Calendar has simplified and streamlined the process so that you can get your timeshare sale completed with little effort and no worries!

Find Your Timeshare Week

Start your vacation planning right now by finding your timeshare usage week in the calendars below. Search by Friday, Saturday, or Sunday check in dates. You can even find your timeshare week for upcoming years! If you already have a week picked out, but still need the timeshare to go with it you can click on a week in the calendar and view available timeshare resales and timeshare rentals in our inventory. Happy hunting!

Please select the month or week number for your vacation below

Week 42
2014 10/17-10/24 10/18-10/25 10/19-10/26
2015 10/16-10/23 10/17-10/24 10/18-10/25
2016 10/21-10/28 10/22-10/29 10/23-10/30
Week 43
2014 10/24-10/31 10/25-11/01 10/26-11/02
2015 10/23-10/30 10/24-10/31 10/25-11/01
2016 10/28-11/04 10/29-11/05 10/30-11/06
Week 44
2014 10/31-11/07 11/01-11/08 11/02-11/09
2015 10/30-11/06 10/31-11/07 11/01-11/08
2016 11/04-11/11 11/05-11/12 11/06-11/13
Week 45
2014 11/07-11/14 11/08-11/15 11/09-11/16
2015 11/06-11/13 11/07-11/14 11/08-11/15
2016 11/11-11/18 11/12-11/19 11/13-11/20

Featured Resale & Rental Ads:

Week 23 Annually! Perfect Summer Vacation In Mass With The Ocean Right Outside Your Door! Timeshare InnSeason Resorts SurfsidePrice: $11,995.00

Biennial Even Floating Wk! Peaceful Getaway Or Easy Access To The Excitement Of The Strip! Buyer May Receive A Title Fee Credit, Inquire For Details! Timeshare Club de SoleilPrice: $10,995.00

1 Week Yearly With Rtu Until 2035! Buyer May Recieve A Title Fee Credit; Inquire For Details! Timeshare Villa del Palmar FlamingosPrice: $8,000.00

Spoil Yourself In Hawaii & Travel The World! 9,600 Hgvc Points In Odd Years! Buyer May Receive A Title Fee Credit; Inquire For Details! Timeshare Kohala Suites by Hilton Grand Vacations ClubPrice: $25,000.00