Timeshare Resales

A timeshare resale is a timeshare that is sold by the owner on the secondary market, rather than by the timeshare resort developer. Buying a resale is a great way to save money while still getting all the benefits of timeshare ownership at your chosen resort. You can save up to 70% off what the developer would charge for the exact same timeshare property.

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Consider the advantages of buying a timeshare resale. When you buy resale, you get the same product, but at a lower price. You also have the opportunity to negotiate the price. Many owners are flexible and willing to work with you to ensure that both parties are satisfied. Finally, you can find the ideal vacation within your budget, without listening to any timeshare sale pitches.

Resell Timeshare

Timeshare resale doesn’t just benefit the buyer; owners looking to resell their timeshare are able to benefit by selling their timeshare on the resale market. Timeshare resale offers an affordable and efficient solution for owners to get rid of their timeshares.

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Often times, lifestyle changes occur and owners can no longer use or afford their timeshare. It is very rare that the resort developers will buy these back, so it is up to the owner to find a selling solution. Online resale platforms, like TimeshareCalendar.com, offer affordable, comprehensive advertising solutions that drive interested buyers to their website. This allows owners to sit back, relax, and wait for buyer offers to come in.

The Facts of Timeshare Resale

The first important detail that you need to know about buying timeshare resale is that the product does not depreciate—what you buy is as good as when the previous owner first bought it.

From the owner’s standpoint, you must recognize that you will not get back what you paid for your timeshare. You will benefit from advertising your timeshare at its true resale value for a more efficient sale.

This may seem counter-intuitive. If it doesn’t depreciate, why is it worth less on the resale market?

Timeshare resales are offered at a more affordable price because when you purchase a timeshare directly from the developer, you have to pay their marketing costs. If a salesman gives a presentation and each attendee receives a free set of tickets to an amusement park, they tack that cost onto the price of the timeshare purchase. When you buy timeshare resale, the owner does not have those costs—so they only charge fair market value. Sometimes, if they need to get rid of the timeshare quickly for personal reasons, they will lower the cost even more.

Certain resorts will put restrictions on resale properties (e.g. certain amenities are not available to the new owner), but this is not always the case. It’s best to contact the resort you’re interested in purchasing for more specific restrictions that may apply. If you want a membership to an external exchange program (such as RCI or Interval International), you can purchase that separately from the timeshare to get the most out of your ownership.

For more information on timeshare resales, contact a resale specialist by filling out the form above, or calling 1-866-430-4384.

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